Latest Job Vacancies at Nawah Energy Company – UAE

Nawah Energy Company is the operator of the UAE’s peaceful & civil nuclear program. Nawah Energy Company is mandated to safely operate and maintain Units 1 to 4 in Barakah in adherence to the highest standards of safety, quality and security, and to the UAE’s commitment of operational transparency.

Job TitleLocationAction
Fire Protection DirectorUAEView & Apply
Senior Local OperatorUAEView & Apply
Reactor Operator (UAE National)UAEView & Apply
Corporate Instructor – 1 year contractUAEView & Apply
SAT Instructional SpecialistUAEView & Apply
Cross Cultural Communications SpecialistUAEView & Apply
Senior Leadership Effectiveness SpecialistUAEView & Apply
Senior Team Effectiveness SpecialistUAEView & Apply
Senior Nawah Integrated Management System SpecialistUAEView & Apply
Senior Effluent Management SpecialistUAEView & Apply
Reactor Operator (PWR/BWR/CANDU)UAEView & Apply
Deputy Chemistry Manager (UAE National)UAEView & Apply
Senior Contamination Control SpecialistUAEView & Apply
Outage Scheduling ManagerUAEView & Apply
Reactor Engineering SpecialistUAEView & Apply
Clearance ImplementerUAEView & Apply
Head of Radiation Protection (RP)UAEView & Apply
Isotope Control SpecialistUAEView & Apply
Head of DosimetryUAEView & Apply
Outage Preparation ManagerUAEView & Apply
Shift ManagerUAEView & Apply
Surveillance SpecialistUAEView & Apply
Capacity Building Nuclear InstructorUAEView & Apply
Senior Online Scheduler Specialist (Plant Organization)UAEView & Apply
Senior Cycle Scheduler SpecialistUAEView & Apply
Occupational Health Specialist (UAE National)UAEView & Apply
Industrial Safety Specialist (UAE National)UAEView & Apply
Generation Planning SpecialistUAEView & Apply
Nuclear Performance Improvement (NPI) Senior Specialist (OE) Units 1&2UAEView & Apply
Nuclear Performance Improvement (NPI) Senior Specialist (Investigation/Analysis) Units 1&2UAEView & Apply