Oil and Gas Jobs at Brunei Shell Petroleum | BSP Brunei

BSP remains committed to operate its oil and gas assets safely, reliably and responsibly. As Brunei’s most valuable company, BSP continues to contribute to the growth and development of the nation and its community and aspires to Fuel Brunei’s Future for decades to come.

Job TitleLocationAction
BSP/XGE – Exploration Expansion Team Lead (JG 02)BruneiView & Apply
BSP/DVM12 – Senior Production Geologist (JG 03)BruneiView & Apply
BSP/DVM13 – Petrophysicist (JG 04)BruneiView & Apply
BSP/DVM14 – Senior Production Technologist (JG 03)BruneiView & Apply
BSP/XGE1 – Senior Explorationist (JG 03)BruneiView & Apply
BSP/XGN – Offshore NFE TL (JG 02)BruneiView & Apply
BSP/XGF1 – Explorationist NV (JG 04)BruneiView & Apply
BSP/XGN1 – Explorationist (JG 04)BruneiView & Apply
BSP/DVM11 – Reservoir Engineer (JG 04)BruneiView & Apply
BSP/LGL5 – Legal Counsel, Co Secretarial & Corporate Services (JG90/4)BruneiView & Apply
BSP/XM0 – Exploration TDM Associate (SG 08)BruneiView & Apply
BSP/FAC221 – P & PC Analyst (JG 07)BruneiView & Apply
BSP/IIS5 Senior Lead Hosting and Storage (JG 03)BruneiView & Apply
BSM/BMD22 – Road Transport Compliance Coordinator (JG 07)BruneiView & Apply
BSP/TWB51 – Strategic Contract Holder (JG 04)BruneiView & Apply
BSP/TSG21 – Sr Sipmap Processing Geophy (JG 03)BruneiView & Apply
BSP/TSG31 – Reservoir Geophysicist (JG 04)BruneiView & Apply
BSP/IIS4 Service Lead End User Experience & Service Management (JG 03)BruneiView & Apply
BSP/HRN1 – Bruneianisation Adviser (JG 03)BruneiView & Apply