USA Army Log Cap IV Project – Jobs in Kuwait

Kuwait, an Arab country on the Persian (Arabian) Gulf, has cultural heritage dating back to antiquity. Kuwait City, the capital, is known for its modern architecture, ranging from skyscrapers to the striking Kuwait Towers, water towers whose design recalls the tiled domes of a classic mosque. The Tareq Rajab Museum houses a rich collection of ethnographic artifacts and Islamic art.

Candidates who are ready to departure within 30 days are requested to apply.

No.Job CategoryQtySalary-Monthly
1Food Service Technicians15 Nos1120 USD
2Food Service Specialists15 Nos1220 USD
3Cooks10 Nos1250 USD
4Asst. Cooks15 Nos1100 USD
5Pastrymen15 Nos1100 USD
6Salad makers15 Nos1100 USD
7Fuel Specialists20 Nos1350 USD
8MWR Technicians15 Nos1150 USD
9MWR Foremen5 Nos1350 USD
10Vector Control Specialists5 Nos1190 USD
11Property Specialists5 Nos1190 USD
12Administrators15 Nos1290 USD
13Assistant Admins10 Nos1120 USD
14Billeting Coordinators15 Nos1220 USD
15Billeting Technicians10 Nos1190 USD
16Billeting Leads5 Nos1380 USD
17Carpenters10 Nos1180 USD
18Office Clerks15 Nos1050 USD
19Crane Operators3 Nos1780 USD
20Data Entry Clerks10 Nos1190 USD
21Forklift Operators 5K & 10K15 Nos1750 USD
22General Labors20 Nos990 USD
23Help Desk Technicians10 Nos1180 USD
24HR Admins3 Nos1800 USD
25IT Technicians5 Nos2050 USD
26Logistic Coordinators15 Nos1490 USD
27MHE Foremen5 Nos2000 USD
28MHE Operators15 Nos1550 USD
29Operation Admins15 Nos1550 USD
30Baker men15 Nos1250 USD
31Head Waiters10 Nos1250 USD
32Dining Supervisors5 Nos1450 USD
33Waiters20 Nos1120 USD
34Kitchen Helpers25 Nos1120 USD
35Kitchen Cleaners25 Nos1120 USD
36Pot Washers20 Nos1120 USD
37General Labors30 Nos1150 USD
38Labor Foremen10 Nos1320 USD
39Dining Room Assistants15 Nos1150 USD
40Electricians18 Nos1450 USD
41HVAC Technicians20 Nos1420 USD
42Warehousemen40 Nos1550 USD
43Mechanics15 Nos1550 USD
44Material Control Specialists30 Nos1300 USD
45Heavy Truck Drivers12 Nos1300 USD
46Bus Drivers10 Nos1650 USD
47Fuel Operators25 Nos1380 USD
48Senior Operation Admins3 Nos1880 USD
49Plumbers10 Nos1120 USD
50Pot a John40 Nos920 USD
51Power-Gen Technicians15 Nos1380 USD
52Safety Technicians8 Nos1550 USD
53Security Guards25 Nos1210 USD
54Senior Admins10 Nos1580 USD
55Store Keepers20 Nos1120 USD
56Tool Room Clerks10 Nos1120 USD
57Senior Warehouse Men10 Nos2150 USD
58Welders5 Nos1580 USD
59Equipment Operators6 Nos1900 USD

Candidates having LOGCAP experience will be preferred
Working Hours: 12 Hours
Annual Leave: 28 Days
Food + Accommodation + Insurance + Medical provided
ECNR Required
For LABOUR / GENERAL HELPER, ECR Passports are also OK with 18 months validity.
Shortlisting under progress. Departure within 30 to 45 days.
DRIVING LICENSE / OPERATOR LICENSE only for Driver and Operator
Never pay money before you receive visa in your hand

Contact Details:
Alrayyan manpower consultancy
Mobile: +91 – 9646356464
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