Latest Job Vacancies at Qatar General Electricity & Water corporation

Qatar Electricity and Water Company (QEWC) is the principal private part association in the district, involved with the period of force and desalination of water. It was built up in 1990, as a Qatari shareholding association, according to the acquirements of the Commercial Companies Law, with the finished objective of owning and working compel period and water desalination stations and offer their things. Every one of the Candidates who need to apply in our respected Organization to join our gathering of extraordinarily skilled specialists can present their resume on our site.We offer pay free of close-by obligations, full family status, liberal settlement stipend, adolescents’ direction help, whole deal contract, free therapeutic and dental thinking ahead, transport settlement, liberal yearly leave with paid air tolls to the country of beginning stage qatar government professions.

Job TitleLocation    Action
Inspector PlanningQatarView & Apply
ChemistQatarView & Apply
Shift Engineer WCC TransmissionQatarView & Apply
Specialist (Water Lab)QatarView & Apply
Engineer Condition MonitoringQatarView & Apply
Engineer ProtectionQatarView & Apply
GIS SupportQatarView & Apply
Senior Engineer Distribution Network AnalysisQatarView & Apply
Senior Engineer Distribution PlanningQatarView & Apply
Senior Engineer Quality & Network AnalysisQatarView & Apply
Fault Analysis Engineer for Electricity NetworkQatarView & Apply
Engineer Maintenance PlanningQatarView & Apply
DespatcherQatarView & Apply
Senior Technician ProtectionQatarView & Apply
Technician ProtectionQatarView & Apply
Service TechnicianQatarView & Apply
Service Connection CoordinatorQatarView & Apply
Engineer Civil ConstructionQatarView & Apply
Engineer Cable – Electricity DistributionQatarView & Apply
Foreman Overhead LineQatarView & Apply
Senior Engineer Maintenance PlanningQatarView & Apply
SurveyorQatarView & Apply
Engineer – OperationsQatarView & Apply
Shift Supervisor (Distribution)QatarView & Apply
Senior Technician (Telecom)QatarView & Apply
Technician (Ground Water Unit)QatarView & Apply
Engineer TelecontrolQatarView & Apply
Engineer Transmission ProtectionQatarView & Apply
High Voltage Electrical FitterQatarView & Apply
Engineer TelecommunicationQatarView & Apply
Senior Engineer TelecontrolQatarView & Apply
Engineer Substation TransmissionQatarView & Apply
Technician CableQatarView & Apply
System Control Engineer-Distribution Control CenterQatarView & Apply
System Control Engineer-National Control CenterQatarView & Apply
Senior Operator – LLWQatarView & Apply
Engineer – Condition MonitoringQatarView & Apply
Technical AssistantQatarView & Apply
Control AssistantQatarView & Apply
Engineer – Maintenance PlanningQatarView & Apply
Operation EngineerQatarView & Apply
Engineer Cable for Electricity TransmissionQatarView & Apply
Technician (Water Resources)QatarView & Apply
Forklift OperatorQatarView & Apply
DraftsmanQatarView & Apply
Inspector – HVACQatarView & Apply
Inspector – General MaintenanceQatarView & Apply
Field InspectorQatarView & Apply
Specialist – ContractsQatarView & Apply
Maintenance Technician – Fire & SafetyQatarView & Apply